Re : Announcement to relinquish my Ducati UK franchise.

Corporate, those of an older vintage will recall this was the name of the operation to retake the Falkland Islands.

           The Irony of the name is even greater when one considers its application today.

Now it means a Mac-burger style of thinking, if all are the same then all must be good, as there is nothing to compare it to.

           Operation corporate succeeded by the opposite mentality, innovate, improvise, think outside of what the book says.  Get it done.

           The bike industry is, sadly, following its four wheel cousin down this Mac-burger route, a bike is after all just an open 2 wheel car, so the customer wants the same experience from his bike purchase as from his car, van or fast food one.

           This route has been tried repeatedly and failed but as the book says “That is the Way” the stupidity of repeating a failed experiment is again ignored.

           So all shops must look the same, and they will then all offer the same experience.

Most motorcyclists are by nature individuals, Ducati riders even more so, the thought of bland shiny uniformity is more likely to deter rather than encourage them.

           Sadly after almost 25 years of being a proud Ducati dealer I have decided to relinquish the franchise, the hardest decision I have made in over 30 years in the bike industry.

           We understand that the direction that Ducati has decided to take is the right one for them, but at odds with how we feel a prestige brand should care for its customers.

           Consequently this is our Swansong as a new Ducati dealer, although we won’t, from July, be able to supply you with a new Ducati.

We will, however, still care for your loved ones as we always have done and the traditional Italia welcome and hospitality will continue!

           A bike is NOT a car, it is so very much more.

Bravo DUCATI !