Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Phillip Worth
Managing Director

Our illustrious leader in all his glory! After many years of allegedly not making planes fall out of the sky with the RAF he decided that bikes had less moving parts and should be a bit easier to live with. his knowledge of classic Italian machinery as well as new Ducatis is unsurpassed

Gary Baird
Technician extraordinaire

Gary is our latest team member and is a more than capable spanner jockey, always ready to pitch in with a helpful insight and an anecdote that may or may not be relevant! A technician with many years under his belt, (which is a black one so don't upset him!) he is a much valued asset to the shop and a positive ray of sunshine too!!

Julia Atkinson
Accounts Manager & HR

It's always nice to have a bit of "eye candy" in the shop but don't be fooled, our Jules is a demon with a calculator and is great at sorting out all of the numbers side of the shop!

Stuart Dealtry
Service Manager

Stuart is one of the most passionate Ducati fans you will ever meet and his attention to detail is legendary, a really positive advertisement for OCD! A dedicated family guy and all round nice bloke who will go out of his way to get the job done right. He's been with us since his apprenticeship back when he had more hair on his head than his back, ah those were the days..

Jon Goldson
Sales Manager

After spending several years as an international Gigolo Jon missed the plane and has been here ever since! No-one is quite sure how this happened or what he actually does here, least of all Jon himself! Jon actually spent 20 years painting bikes before coming here and his burning passion for motorcycles shines through all he does. (His burning passion for cakes and chocolate shines through his waistline even more!)

Rick Gifford Logistics and valeting guru

Rick "The Beast of Bardney" is our latest team member but far from a stranger to the shop, he was our very first Kawasaki customer back in 2007 and we haven't quite been able to shake him off since! Rick is a true marvel with cleaning and detailing motorbikes, a skill often overlooked, and he is master of the road in the company van transporting our customers precious cargo across the land. Known as The Beast of Bardney to locals, his ability to convert cider in to "Beast" energy is legendary but he can generally be calmed with either a good old rock guitar session or a pizza!

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