Day: 2 November 2021

It is with great sadness that after almost 33 years Italia Moto will close at the end of November 2021. This has been the hardest decision to make since leaving the Royal Air Force. The reasons are poor health for the last few years and the loss of close friends. This has made me realise that there is a life outside of work and it would be good to sample it while still able to.

Italia has always been more than a bike shop, in actual fact only about 40% of the effort has gone in to the business part, the rest on looking after a marvellous group of people, customers and friends who have made the last thirty years an enormous privilege and huge amounts of fun and sadness.

It would have been good to pass the baton to a new owner and kept a great team of guys with decades of experience together but sadly that has not happened, unless someone out there is looking for a new adventure…………

Thank you all and keep riding!